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Are sugar babies like gold diggers?

sugar babies gold diggers

Gold digging is neither illegal, nor a sin. It's actually an acceptable form of living the life you want to, at your own terms. Open-mindedness is very important for climbing the social ladder, and hitting the jackpot. Men are generally stupid and horny. If they don't care, then why should the gold diggers do. Parents of young adult daughters (college students, for example) should encourage gold digging, if they want their future grand children to live a better lifestyle than they did. There is no happiness in middle class lifestyle. Money is everything; no matter how much we dislike the sound of reading it out loud. Don't pretend not to love it.

Being a successful gold digger is not an easy task. It requires social maneuvering skills. You should never ever feel guilty about sleeping your way to the top. If you do not have the confidence to dress up nicely, go out, meet, and then happily sleep with powerful men and women; this game is not meant for you. Just marry an average joe in your local area, make a few babies and live the life. Sorry, but harsh words must be used to muster you up to change your current lifestyle.

It's not easy, but for sharp confident individuals, who cannot be made a fool out of; this way of life or career is the best option.

Rich and lonely men are waiting in the line to be taken under control by strong smart women. It's been like that for thousands of years. Greed is not just good; it's great, and it is what makes us human. In fact, greed and human evolution are closely linked. Learn more about sugar daddy dating.

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