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Can I date sugar daddies or mommies without actually meeting them?

There are plenty of Google and YouTube searches nowadays where (smart aleck) women demand a sugar daddy to pay all their bills, or paypal them money; without meeting them, or having any other sort of contact.

Now, without losing the temper, and for the lack of an appropriate curse word that doesn't get blocked in search engines; Girls [the ones that do this] are you frigging out of your mind!

You think the rich men out there are fools? They aren't at the top of their game, because they can be taken advantage of.

Listen girl; if you are weak and underconfident, do not bother with this type of dating scene. Sure, with luck on your side, you may be able to catch a village idiot once a while, but that's like flipping the dice.

If you don't want to meet someone and still want high cash life, join a webcam site or something - really come on! Learn more about sugar daddy dating.

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