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Can I put up a fake profile on a sugar daddy site or app to test the waters?

There are only a handful of dating sites on the internet that connect women with their sugar daddies. Most of these sites have been operating since the early 2000s. The ones listed on this page have millions of male and female members from all parts of the world. Don't forget to sign up and put up your genuine profile up there. Honest, upfront, no nonsense women can get connected to their sugar daddies within days.

This page is pretty long. But, most of the juicy stuff has been kept at the top. If you're a casual reader, who wants to quickly jump on the bandwagon, simply visit one or however many sites and apps listed here. But, in case you're one of those, who really like doing their research on a subject matter, then carry on reading. You'd probably be coming back here dozens of times to read the fresh stories we post, on sugar daddy dating topics, every other day.

Remember the short reviews above aren't your traditional bag and tag stuff you find on the internet. They are to the point minus the crust and the BS. If you're looking for something more culturally appropriate or a cookie clutter showroom, then this site isn't meant for you. Better to Google again. Learn more about sugar daddy dating.

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