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Is sugar dating fake or real?

Yes, sugar dating is a real thing. As real as it can be.

Girls just wanna have fun, right? Well, rich and settled guys (or I should say men) want it that way too. No bloody strings attached.

Ladies; there are two ways to make it in life. One is to just to go the university, accumulate student loans (avg. around $75k); then get stuck in a dead-end job; look for a standard hubby, make babies, and live an ordinary mundane life. Or, one could be smart and let an experienced man who has seen it all take care of you.

Yes, there is such a thing as an easy lunch. One just has to be practical. You should have little expectations in terms of looks and age when it comes to men; no male models or princes are going to date you. The world doesn't bloody work that way. Every luxury has a price tag attached to it. And yes, happiness can be bought. People who say otherwise are broke, or trying to sell you a book.

There are plenty of lonely, but rich and successful men who have made bank loads, but have no women in their life to share it with; or, they are divorced with their ex-wifey enjoying the beach life on their money. They have come to find out that the only way to make the best bang for the buck is to have transactional relationships with ladies, who don't mind giving them the company; for a gratuitous fee of course.

So, whether you are a young fine looking female who wants to get out of her college debt, or someone who is sick of her 9 to 5 stupid job that pays in peanuts. Doesn't matter who you are. There is always a sugar daddy waiting for you to take you up for a dreamy ride for the rest of your life. Yacht and private jet trips to exotic remote islands, shopping sprees at Harrods, taking selfies with elephants in Sri Lanka; anything is possible, if you're up for it. You can find your sugar daddy, only if your mind is strong enough to work for it.

And for those of you men out there (age doesn't count, older the wiser and the better), who have given up on dating, are shy or just don't give an eff any more; there are millions of talented, good looking women willing to sign that contract of life with you. No dramas, no hidden conjectures. Just pure relationship based on pre-agreed conditions. If your lady gives you what you desire, you can be with her; else push her aside to make way for someone more fitting to your requirements. The ones who pays the bills has the final say. Learn more about sugar daddy dating.

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