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What are the best sites and apps for sugar babies and daddies?

best sites and apps for sugar babies and daddies

Here is the list:


Has the highest number of non-fraud verified genuine sugar daddies and babies including mommies. I like this company even though the website design its got resembles a standard dating site. But the main reason, I recommend this company is because, the wannabe babies listed on it look and feel real. They aren't your typical all makeup, instagram-infuenced, artificial women. Their down to earth, grounded approach towards presenting member profiles is what "sort of" separates them from the rest of the crowd.

Plus, this company is growing very fast. Possibly, one of the most successful growth stories in this industry.

Therefore, they get a very solid green signal from my side.


Secret extramarital stuff that works mostly for University students living in Europe. One of the best growth stories in this business, but their target audience is mostly concentrated in the Scandinavian countries. Their US traffic has a lot of potential (don't have the exact data, but they should have lots of American millionaires on there); that bit must be said.

Ashley Madison

Their website and app offers affair dating with rich married people; evidently (the word "evidently" is important here, because it has no shortage of single members too) men cheating on their wives, but there are plenty of unhappily married women in their database too.

When it comes to sexual identity, this website also has millions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and genderfluid members. Or, are you a beauteous plus-size, curvy, individual; absolutely no problems at all. Ashley Madison lays down the red carpet for everybody - in fact, it's possibly the most non-partisan and open-minded company operating in this space. There's someone for everyone on there.

I hope you're aware of the fact that majority of the sugar daddies are mature in age (financially successful men over 30 years old; a few are even divorced, ready to mingle again) and have no qualms about having impassioned affairs with several open-minded and free-spirited strangers (and many times this includes sexually frustrated lonely housewives married with children, divorced moms, and young college students looking to get out of their debt) at a time.

Yeah, I know it sounds all sleazy, morally wrong and sinful, but this is the naked truth. If you can't handle it; might as well move on to a traditional dating site, and stop wasting your time here.

They are operated by Ruby Life Inc. and are located in Toronto, Canada; with most of their client base from the US. Last time I checked with their management; a good bunch of their clientele were living in Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney), Singapore, UK (London) and the (good ol') U.S. of A. (particularly NYC and LA). A lot of rich German men are also flocking on to this website in the recent months.

It's the oldest (started in 2002), and possibly the most trusted brand in this industry. If I write more, then most will think I'm overselling their name, but really you need to experience them yourself, because I wouldn't be able to do them justice here.

I read their press release that showed astonishing figures. Apparently Ashley Madison blows websites like Seeking Arrangement and SugarDaddyMeet out of water. They get 14,546 new members on the average daily with a ratio of active paid male to female accounts of 1 to 1.11. They had 60 million active members in 2018. Compare that to say a paltry sum of 10 million that Seeking Arrangement has or just under 3 million for Sugar Daddy Meet.

In 2015, they were victim of an unfortunate data breach that ultimately propelled them to new heights in popularity - their users doubled in number from 30 million in 2015 to over 60 million at the end of 2018. Many creeps still try to search for the names of the people in the list on the internet, but are scammed by fake websites that charge them money and then disappear. Needless to say that their technology has improved tenfold and there is currently near zero chance of such an event ever happening again.

Seeking Arrangement

The oldest sugar daddy website on the internet. It started its operations way back in the early 2000s, when transactional no-frills type dating was frowned upon.

Dating and marriages of conveniences have always been around, just that people are just beginning to take a more authentic approach towards it, instead of being all hypocritical about it.

Now known as Seeking.com; possibly the most marketed brand on the internet. Many TV ads and news articles (Business Insider, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Local TV Stations, even Bloomberg and newspapers like The New York Times post smartly or I should say covertly written essays that subconsciously promote them or the basic theory of sugar dating) are published around this brand every other week. They get more than 10 Million visits per month from Google, alone.

Also, SA got a Sugar Baby University that claims to educate women in the art of seducing rich men. We'd love to meet its graduates - seriously. Malaika K. Tapper, from The Harvard Crimson wrote an article on SBU, where she lays out the, reasoning, employed to attract young college students, such as using chalkboards that push slogans like “YOU + Seeking Arrangement = No College Debt” and "Discover a new way to afford an education” and what not.

Normally, I would recommend this site, but it's become too big, and too jumbled up, for its own good. Most pages on the internet about this brand are just affiliates or advertising partners trying to push it up your throat.

You'll find all sorts of people there. Most would end up wasting your time, or act in creepy ways. Trust me, you don't want to be part of such a remorseless crowd. Last thing, I want is one of my website visitors, ending up sharing intimate photos of herself with some freak, only to later find them on Whatsapp groups or my ex-girlfriend adult sites.

Until, they come up with a better way to manage their unmanageable growth, you'll just be wandering alone in a sea full of people left and right, many of whom would just be faking it.

Sugar Daddy Meet (SDM)

Avoid them under all costs. They are procrastinating trolls, who treat their clients like dirt. Your only commiseration would be to get a quick response from them whenever you email them; but I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar, that you will never ever get the answer, or the resolution to your query. Their main aim is to make sure that just enough time passes by (two months), so that a client cannot justify a chargeback to the charges made on his or her card. Forget about their actual clients for a moment; they don't even pay their online affiliate partners; whose job is to bring them new customers.

Expect to get hugely disappointed. For the avid visitors of this website; you'd know that sugardaddymeet was once a highly recommended company. But, frankly they have lost that position. Major reason being their slow and directionless customer support. Talking to a representative there and waiting days for an answer is not the way forward when it comes to retaining long term loyalty of the members.

Plus, the authenticity of their daddies has gone downhill drastically in the face of stiff competition coming out in the form of the new millennial-focused modern looking apps. So, don't bother with browsing the profiles listed there.

Yup, I'm now convinced, they're that bad. Forget about them. There are much "bigger" and "better" alternatives available now - like Ashley Madison, just for the sake of an example. Times change and people move on. They need to as well.

SugarDaddyMeet also fully owns and operates similar websites like SuccessfulMatch, PositiveSingles, MillionaireMatch, Bicupid, InterracialMatch, SeniorMatch, OlderWomenDating.com, and Large Friends. Our humble but stern pronouncement on all their apps stands the same. Do not start any association with them. You'll end up excreting your time and hard-earned money down this toilet-like dating company.

Secret Benefits

Newish startup capitalizing on mutual benefit or arrangement finder type trend of old men dating young women. There is nothing extraordinary about them. Pretty much the same website template, same script and same style. No ingenuity. Make what you want of it. Up to you.

Sugarbook App

The cool thing I can write about them is that they made a YouTube video about one of their clients, who "apparently" lives in this $2 Million Dollar mansion given to her by her sugar daddy; and somehow manages to answer questions around it in a very concise and calibrated manner. Clearly, a unique way to promote their brand. Check them if you feel like it. The competition in this business is very tough, so brands don't leave out any spaces to hype themselves up.


It's a project owned by the same group that runs the SugarDaddyMeet website; so, doesn't matter which site you go for, since the database of profiles is usually shared.

Established Men

There isn't much good or bad written about them on the internet. The one I can remember was of a female reddit user who pointed out being disappointed by its male members. She said, most were only interested in sending out their sexually explicit pictures without any seriousness involved. Meaning, many were just young teenage trolls and freeloading creeps. Things may have changed, or it could have been an isolated incident. Just, don't be stupid enough to share your personal life details without first confirming that you are indeed talking to a genuine daddy, not some street rat.


For divorced single parents with a slight twist of pushng the poor towards the rich for arrangement type of understandings. It's got nothing that should be revered.


It's a new idea but we will see if it picks up when it comes to sugar daddy dating scene. Well, ok, perhaps the idea has been here for sometime now, but I personally don't think the quality of members on this website is worth the effort.


One of the oldest in the dating game, but they aren't geared towards daddies, babies or mommas. Just that they get more than 50 million visits per month, so one is bound of find a good mix of mature men and women, who obviously would have done well for themselves. And, it's free, so doesn't hurt to sneak in for a gander.


Yeah, these are Seeking Arrangement guys. So, nothing to add here, really. Just a different brand from the same people. Sign up, if you wish, or just go directly to Seeking.com (which is their flagship name). For whatever it's worth, they claim to have over 3 million members registered on this particular platform; though seeking should have 10 to 20 times more.

Sudy (includes their Gay and Les App)

Well, most find it garbage. Lots of complaints around it with users being shortchanged. The ones that downloaded their app say the daddies or mommies listed on it aren't real; meaning, they may be using chatbots, and enticing people to sign up as paid members. Plus, the age factor; as many people there seem to be way too young.

Cougar Life

Mature women dating younger men. Watch their TV Ad or search for Claudia Opdenkelder's interview on YouTube with Toronto News 24 (given in 2010). That's pretty much it what I can write about them right now. There isn't much else.


Derivative milf dating site with stock photoshopped racy pictures of 40 or 50 something women with fake tan and plastic breasts. They claim to have more than 5,000 members joining them daily. Google gives them a good ranking value for corny terms like "where to find milfs" and "milf chat." But, who are we to complain considering this page itself hogs on the that idea. I'd skip the paid version to start off; or may be swipe that credit card later, in case things don't play out elsewhere.

Luxy App

Their domain name is onluxy.com in case you want to use a browser to visit. The good thing about them is that they are devoid of the nice guy syndrome. Meaning; they just welcome the greed is good and dog eat dog world, type of mentality. Reddit made fun of them calling them tinder minus the poor people. LOL. Well, nothing much to say about them here really. There's nothing special about this app, other than say another avenue for you to keep on searching, if you can't find anyone elsewhere.

Daddyhunt App

These guys have an entire drama series going on YouTube, with proper seasons and everything. Overall, it's an OK app, though I can't vouch for the genuineness of the daddy profiles. Personally, the amount of money being spent on ads and media; I'd not be surprised if you do get lucky at hooking up with someone who ain't a bot, or some troll college kid, trying to explore his gay side.

Hornet Gay Social Network

It's got very professionally build app and website. The reason it's on a sugar daddy list here on this page is because this brand generally tends to attract people from the affluent class. So, it's a go from my side. They're also funded by VC firms like Ventech China and 500 Startups; so your personal data is in good hands - and no, I'm not being sarcastic. Not all Chinese technology firms are owned by the Communist Party in Beijing. LOL.

Miss Travel

Another venture by Brandon Wade from Seeking Arrangement; this one has a lot of potential, and being powered by a big brand; they spend a lot of money and effort on TV commercials and news media spots. Reddit crowd is also cool with them. Nothing to fear or worry about here. It's a completely legit company, and possibly be the best option among all the travel dating type websites that focus on the sugar daddy slant.


Not a new company in this industry; but people aren't really happy about the profiles listed on it. For example, a user on reddit complained (remember that's just one person though, so we should decline making judgements) that paid members often get duped by baby or daddy profiles with fake or inactive phone numbers. Since, I haven't signed up with them to have a saner look at their internal structure, I can't give you the real deal on this one. They sure seem to be listed on a lot of afflliate websites (affiliates get money for sending traffic to sugar daddy sites); I thought it would be prudent of me not to deprive you of their existence. Do as you may, I got nothing.


It's a mix bag of poop and flowers. I scouted the web for something substantive on them, but found sparsely spread out info. The users on a thread or two on reddit and a travel blog weren't too happy about the kind of people browsing this site. They say, almost 80% of the users there are spammers. The girls that have real profiles are mostly from Russia, and places like Thailand etc., and many SDs are fake. Then there was another user that mentioned having an OK time finding a nice girl to travel with. So, I'm not sure right now where to put them, other than the fact that there are over 100k monthly searches on Google about them; no smoke without fire comes to mind.

Universe Club

Ok, normally I don't put up region-specific dating agencies in such lists, but this one seems to be picking up a lot of buzz, because it connects expatriates with local women. Their slogan is "Private Matchmaking Agency For Foreign Men." They're actually quite big in Tokyo, and claim to have thousands of willing sugar babies in their database - some even call them the Ashley Madison of Japan. They also have a branch in Singapore (a city full of wealthy men) and aim to target that demographic. Check them out on Google, if you live there, and want to dig further. Sign up on their website usually takes a few minutes. It has a more, "let's meet at our office" face-to-face type business model, so you must prepare yourself for that.

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