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What are the main advantages of becoming a sugar baby?

The female / male (in case of a gay relationship) involves paying bills for college education, shopping sprees (designer clothing, shoes, cosmetics, diamond jewelry), utility (rent, mortgage, electricity, gas etc.), car loan repayments, local and international air travel.

In many cases, a sugar daddy will not have any problems paying for raising the children of a single mother. A genuine sugar daddy can easily pay for at least $5,000 to $25,000 per month worth of expenses on average.

Women remain happier when they are taken care of by sugar daddies according to university research reports.

1. You'll meet a man who has gone through the BS and the hardships of this nasty unforgiving world. He can act as your guiding soul; help you steer through the tough and confusing mazes and phases of life.

2. You'll spend your body and your mind with men who aren't teenagers. Men who aren't boys. Men who are men. They won't eff around and waste your time. A woman gives 110% to a relationship when she's committed to it. These men will appreciate it; instead of a half-ass jobless idiot, who can't tell left from right.

3. And, the money doesn't hurt either. Rich men know how to treat their women right. Those expensive diamond rings, paid up debt; heck, even a large nice 6 bedroom house in an upscale neighborhood isn't bad.

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