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Why do some people think sugar babies are like prostitutes?

sugar babies prostitutes

This topic has been explored to depth. There are virtually dozens of articles on it, like for example the one posted on Business Insider. The person who wrote it isn't even a real sugar baby - just an employee or staff writer for Seeking Arrangement; this is how they further their brand name on the internet, basically buying out spots in top newspapers, posting fake made-up stories. BI had to put up an editorial note to explain their indemnification on the matter.

The ironic part is that now that I've revealed the truth, you'd and many others visiting this page would be going there to check it out, hence proving my point of them getting free traffic, generated by basically writing a crappy script on this subject matter. Grrr!

The point I'm trying to make is that these articles are always - and let me say the word almost again - sponsored by the sugar daddy dating companies themselves. Plus, it's lucrative for the publishers to jot down a few hundred words of "opinions" on what a 40 something "sick of his or her life" freelance journalist has to say about YOU and YOUR lifestyle choices.

Sociologist Maren Scull, Ph.D., assistant professor at University of Colorado Denver voiced her opinion on the matter saying: "When we lump sugar relationships together as prostitution, it deviantizes and criminalizes these relationships.

"They are often organic and involve genuine, emotional connection," she added. She defined such relationships to have up to seven types in an article posted on phys.org website on behalf of the University of Colorado Denver. These types include 1. sugar prostitution, 2. compensated dating, 3. compensated companionship, 4. sugar dating, 5. sugar friendships, 6. sugar friendships with benefits and 7. pragmatic love.

People want excitement in their lives. They want to break the norms. They want to live on the fringe. The people who make these dating apps know this. They "themselves" run such media campaigns to give these type of arrangements, a meaning of embarrassment. They "sort of" want you to believe that you are doing the dirty work, but hey, it's your life. Do what you gotta to do to hustle.

Ok, not that I've anything against the prostitution business. The women who work in it have their own reasons. You and I are not the ones to judge; but equating sugar daddy dating; or let's rephrase it, making your life better by gaining the company of an affulent person as prostitution, is utter hogwash. Plain and simple.

It's every woman's right to be happy. It's every man's right to feel confident and content. Sugar daddy or momma dating is not prostitution and should never be looked at from that lense.

Two adults of legal age consenting to spend some time together is solely their business. Sugar babies always make their own rules; their own agendas; their own plan of action. They aren't forced into such couplings. The doors are open for entry and exit. Always.

Success is about taking actions. If dreams were to come true by just dreaming; most of us would have private jets. Dreams only come true by taking concrete actions.

So stop dreaming and start acting. Go ahead and change your life for the better. Learn more about sugar daddy dating.

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Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2021.
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